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Fishing: Pearland’s O’Day wins tourney in Belize

Connie O’Day of Pearland won the inaugural competition of the The International Women’s Fishing Association’s Bonefish Tournament in Ambergris Cay, Belize.

O’Day totaled 5,400 points as the long-time IWFA member earned her first ever IWFA tournament win.

Not too far behind in points was Pam Marmin with 5,000 points, finishing ahead of two other anglers who also had the same point totals. They were Denise Freihofer, Stuart, FL and Susan McCarthy, Palm Beach, FL.

Fourteen anglers from around the country convened to fish for the elusive grey ghost of the flats, the coveted bonefish.

Amidst a tropical paradise, the ladies gathered before the tournament to shop, fish for other species not targeted during the tournament, and some brave girls even went swimming with sharks and stingrays.

The weather was perfect throughout the tournament, making the trip even more enjoyable. The tournament commenced Friday morning as all boats departed the lodge in hopes of finding bonefish, and that they did.

Day One of the tournament produced 115 bonefish, caught and released, and all ladies were on the scoreboard. High point angler for the first day was Susan Gros of Florida with 2,200 points.

Day Two was another stellar day of catching with even more fish caught and released totaling 155 bonefish. Jing Torn, Fort Lauderdale, FL was Top Angler for Day 2 while Day 3 leader was Pam Marmin, Miami FL.

A grand total of 479 bonefish were released throughout the tournament and one permit was released as well.

While the women were in town, they were given the opportunity to tour some of the current Belize real estate for sale. No news yet on if anyone made a purchase.

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