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More Flights. More Growth. Why Belize is Poised to Become the Next Caribbean Capital


United, American Airlines, and Delta Airlines all recognized the need to establish North America-to-Belize routes years ago, and as traffic increased over time, flights to the Central American nation increased, too. Eager to establish its own presence in this increasingly-popular destination, Southwest Airlines just began flying to Belize as well.

Now, COPA Airlines is opening routes to this emerging Caribbean epicenter by announcing direct flights from Panama City. This news of yet another airliner adding Belize routes to keep up with burgeoning traffic speaks volumes about Belize’s reputation for being one of the region’s fastest-growing commercial hubs.

These airlines aren’t the only improvements helping to forge a future for Belize. Take, for example, a recent press release announcing the expansion of the Chetumal, Mexico airport. Ostensibly to help handle traffic flowing into Costa Maya, Mexico, this expansion project is also going to help Belize tourism as much because Chetumal is in close proximity to the Belize border. As a matter of fact, the fastest growing ex-pat community in the Corozal District, Orchid Bay, will be a direct recipient of this airport improvement.

What does all of this mean for you? If you seek an investment or relocation opportunity that keeps your money and your life in the Western Hemisphere–so you stay connected to family and friends–all signs point to success if you place your trust and your money in Belize where a perpetually skyrocketing economic trajectory is positioning the nation to outflank neighboring countries.

While tourism has made Belize a flourishing Caribbean destination, it’s the investments currently being made by the Belize government, entrepreneurs and savvy ex-pats that fuels today’s growth. It doesn’t hurt that North Americans flock to Belize seeking a respite from stress and bountiful relocation incentives offered by a government eager to welcome new residents.

Belize real estate values in are escalating. Commerce is flourishing. Proximity, affordability and lifestyle are driving numbers, which is why business enterprises are being launched by the score: investors know that return on their dollar is likely to be impressive.

A great example of this entrepreneurial zeal is seen in the flourishing village developed for ex-pats called Orchid Bay. Visit the community website to see where land, villas, a culture and unique lifestyle flourish, then take a second look at that airport expansion in Chetumal to see the connection.

Whether your intention is to find peace and quiet after years of striving, you’d like a fresh start in life or you have a business idea that requires a scaled-down existence that won’t consume every cent you make just to eat, Belize deserves your consideration right now. Savvy entrepreneurs-turned-residents didn’t hesitate when pulling up stakes to launch the life they had heretofore only dreamed about. Neither should you.

Putting down roots in this English-speaking country is easier than you might first imagine, but before you start the ball rolling, you must want more for yourself than you have right now. All it takes to cement your hunch is a trip to Belize where you’ll have a very easy time envisioning your own place within a community ready to welcome you to your new life.

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